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Life can always be easier with a great multitool

Giving a young man turning 18 a new cool multitool has been the tradition in my family for ages. I don't know since when, but I know for sure that the one my dad was given to by his old man is a leatherman wave. And that one has been carried along with him for years and years.

Mine is, of course, another leatherman product from my dad (he is now a big fan of leatherman multitools). It's the Leatherman Surge, one of the  best multi tools on the market I think. I have been using it for two years and I can tell it's an awesome tool. It is just my personal opinion based on my own experience. But if you aren't clear about which multitool you want yet, check out what I love about my Surge multitool.

It has all the tools you could possibly need

When I first had this multitool, I used it day and night for my DIY projects. It has 21 tools for everything I need: scissors, wire cutters, knives, ruler, saw, blade, regular pliers, electrical crimper, etc. And now I use it for home-repair type projects most of the time. What strikes me the most is both blades, scissors, file/saw are accessible without opening the device. It has proved itself to be the most incredibly handy tool I have ever had.

To be fair, the Surge is a bit heavier compared to a pocket-sized one, but to me, it is so functional that I don't mind the weight and still carry it everyday in my bag.

A very solid & high quality tool

As I did some little research on the best quality multi tool, I learnt that I am having one of the best multitools available now (thank Dad!).

This is also the leatherman's largest multitool. But I don't really mind it. Because of its large size, the materials and tools are thick and stiff. But they are still extremely efficient. I especially love the scissors. They can cut cardboard and plastic as easy as cutting papers. The most solid scissors I have ever tried. And they are even larger than those on a full-size swiss army knife. The pliers also impress me as they are so powerful: indeed, much more torque applied to object in its grip than my dad's old leatherman. No wonder so many people call it the King of multitools.

The excellent Leatherman warranty

With its high quality, I actually don’t think that I will ever need to use its warranty. After all the frequent use in the last two years, it still looks like new. I know for sure that this tool will bear with me a lifetime. But it worths mentioning its 25-year warranty if you are concerned about its price. I really doubt that this one still lasts with me till when I have to choose a new multitool for my future son.!

To sum it up, get yourself a Surge if you are looking for the  best rated multi tool with maximum functionality. If you just want a portable tool sitting nicely inside your pocket, this is definitely not the best pocket multi tool for you. Either way, getting yourself any multitool is always a worthwhile investment!



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